A friendly, hands-on team of hugely experienced ex-industry and agency leaders. We’re passionate about working directly with founders and leaders of ambitious, exciting, high potential businesses, making a big difference – fast.

Your challenges

These are the challenges we’ve solved for our customers and love working on.

What we do

Coaching, tools and hands-on support to achieve your goals.

What we believe

Our approach, what's so different?

How to reach your potential and achieve

A strong, high valuation for future investment or exit
A stable, smoothly running business with minimal fire fighting
A strong, senior leadership team and succession plans in place
A strong, Unique Value Proposition that justifies premium pricing
A scalable, profitable business model
Valuable IP - Documented, consistent processes and collateral with real equity value

We care, ask our clients:

We can’t help but treat every business like it’s our own

  • We asked Cowderoy Consulting to look at Rocketmakers from every angle to give us a clear and honest external perspective… and the results were fantastic. Their professional, direct and approachable style delivered in every respect and has really helped me clarify our value proposition and develop our business strategy for the next few years.

    Richard Godfrey Rocketmakers / MD + Founder
  • Excellent work & a no-nonsense approach. With a deceptively mild & non-confrontational style our assumptions and plans were intelligently challenged. The resulting business review showed clearly the risks of not acting as well as the opportunities to be gained. We’d hugely recommend!

    Dan Fallon SearchStar / MD + Founder
  • Cowderoy Consulting have been instrumental in helping to refocus AxisTwelve’s priorities and business strategy. They quickly identified our strengths and weaknesses then put in place a clear roadmap to help us achieve the excellence we are working towards. We are particularly impressed at how naturally and effortlessly they have become part of the team, and how enjoyable they are to work with.

    Luke Harrop Axis Twelve / MD and Founder
  • We selected Cowderoy Consulting to work on a company-wide business and organizational development initiative. Not only were they insightful and highly strategic, they were able to cut through to the priorities really quickly. Jen immediately became a natural member of the team, delivered results, and not least was great fun to work with.

    Paul Hartigan Pharmiweb / CEO and Founder
  • "...insightful and highly strategic..."

    Paul Hartigan Pharmiweb / CEO and Founder
  • "...the results were fantastic..."

    Richard Godfrey Rocketmakers / MD and founder
  • "We’d hugely recommend!"

    Dan Fallon SearchStar / MD and founder
  • Cowderoy Consulting has helped us completely review our strategy, positioning and processes to deliver real, measurable results.

    Ric Hill Ghyston
  • "...real, measurable results..."

    Ric Hill Ghyston
  • They have very quickly helped us to challenge the status quo, work more effectively and focus on what's important to grow… they really added a lot of value to our business and I would highly recommend them.

    James Samuels Claritum / CEO + Founder